Heterophobia:  Because they scare the hell out of us.
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So you wanna say something to the people who run Heterophobia? Coolness. All you have to do is fill out the form, click the button, and we'll hear—uh, read—what's on your mind.

Remember, everything that gets sent to us is fair game for reposting somewhere on the site. Obviously, we will give you credit if we repost your work, but keep in mind anything sent to us becomes our property, and you give us full permission to do anything to your submissions. This means if it's good enough, we can print it in a magaine, or if it's bad enough, we can print toilet paper of your submission and wipe our asses with a condensed version of it. Heh, graphic enough? We thought so too, but we wanted to get the point across. If you're in doubt, contact us before submitting your work to clarify the fine print of it all. So there. :P

Thanks again! :)

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